Our Donors

Kim Heptner, Randy Aaron

Aaron Family

Established by Randy Aaron, Kim Heptner, and Chris Garrison, the children of Jack and Jeaunell Aaron, as a lasting tribute to their parents. Jack Aaron had a great love for the City of Burkburnett, and was a founding member of the Burkburnett Legacy Foundation. ...


Anonymous Donor

The donor of this scholarship would like to remain anonymous. They have a heart to help students succeed in life, and they wanted to do something to make that possible. This scholarship is a gift to help you continue your education in order to achieve your goals in...

Archer City ISD

Archer City I.S.D.

This scholarship was established in 2012 as a tax abatement for the Archer County Wind Mill Farm. The scholarships are $2,000 each and are for the benefit of students graduating from Archer City ISD. Students should contact the Archer City High School Counselor for...

Bellevue ISD Eagles

Bellevue Ex-Students Association

Bellevue Ex-Students Association initiated this scholarship opportunity in 2012 for the benefit of graduating seniors from Bellevue High School in Bellevue, Texas. Graduating seniors from Bellevue High School can apply for vocational and/or college scholarships. ...

Burk Logo.jpg

Burkburnett Legacy Foundation

Burkburnett, Texas is an area with a proud oil heritage, a solid family town that has and continues to welcome people from all over the world, and a hometown that will need continued financial support to enhance quality of life services for its citizens. People who...

Cafe con Leche

Cafe con Leche

Helping Pave the Road to Higher Education Since 2008 The Café Con Leche scholarship fund was established as part of the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation scholarship program in 2015 by Gonzalo Robles by donations from community individuals. The purpose of this...

City View ISD Mustang Logo

City View I.S.D.

This scholarship was Initiated in 2003 by the community group that fund raises and selects for this annual scholarship benefiting City View graduating seniors.

Colony Club Logo.jpg

Colony Club

The Colony Club is a social organization and was established in October of 1939 for the social activity of the members. In 2018 Colony Club members voted to establish a scholarship to assist area students attending Midwestern State University. Several of the...

Dr. Francine Carraro

Dr. Francine Carraro

The Betty Jo Baker Ramsey Music Scholarship Fund was established by Dr. Francine Carraro in honor of her mother, Betty Jo Baker Ramsey. Dr. Carraro was previously the Curator for The Wichita Falls Museum at MSU. Dr. Carraro wanted to honor the memory of her...

Dr. Hulse and Carol Wagner

Dr. Hulse and Carol Wagner

Dr. Hulse and Carol Wagner established this scholarship in memory of their son, Richard Gaines Russell, who died July 22, 2011, a victim of metastatic melanoma. He was 49 years old and led a 17-person software development team for Microsoft. He built his first...


Estate of Royal C. "Bingo" Kinder

Initiated in 2003 by a charitable bequest in Royal “Bingo” Kinder’s Last Will and Testament. This scholarship is for the benefit for Archer County, Texas students pursuing any field of study anywhere in the United States. This fund awards two renewable scholarships...


Family of Carl T. Anderson

Carl T. Anderson Memorial Fund was set up by Judy Taylor and Susan Stroud, daughters of Carl T. Anderson. The scholarship endowment is known as the Carl T. Anderson Family Scholarship Fund. Mr. Anderson was an alumni of Texas Christian University, and the...

Alvord ISD

Family of Mattye and Ollie Sisk

Mary Sue Lymberopoulos, and Sandra Sisk Smith, the children of Mattye and Ollie Sisk initiated this fund in the summer of 2015. This memorial scholarship is designated for Alvord ISD, TX students. Ollie Sisk was originally born in Sunset, Texas in 1915. He attended...

Fred and Iris Dwyer

Fred and Iris Dwyer Family

The Fred and Iris Dwyer Family Scholarship was established to assist students pursuing studies in the agricultural field. The scholarship is available to students from Wichita County, Texas and Cotton and Tillman Counties, Oklahoma. To honor the love Fred and Iris...

F. T. Felty

F.T. and Peggy Felty

The Felty Family Scholarship was established to assist students who have attended Burkburnett High School. F.T. and Peggy Felty initiated the Felty Family scholarship fund for the benefit of geology and business administration majors at Midwestern State University. ...

Texas A&M

Hank and Kealey Bullinger

Hank and Kealey Bullinger established this scholarship to reward incoming Texas A&M students who graduate from one of the four high schools in Clay County. Hank graduated from Henrietta High School in 1995 and went on to study Finance, where he earned his business...

Jean Payne

Jean Payne

This scholarship was established by Jean Payne in memory of her husband Mike Payne. It was his desire to help a student who is willing to work hard for a chance to earn a degree, someone who might not qualify based on the highest grades or financial ability. If you...

James and Vicki McCoy

Jim and Vicki McCoy

Jim and Vicky McCoy initiated the McCoy Scholarship through the James N. McCoy Foundation in 2002 for the express purpose of scholarships for graduating Wichita County seniors as they pursued any field of study at a public Texas university or college.

Katherine and Bill McGregor

Katherine and Bill McGregor

Katherine and Bill McGregor are long standing residents of Wichita Falls Texas. Katherine and Bill established their named fund to support educational endeavors of petroleum geology majors attending Midwestern State University of Texas, and/or Vernon College...

Katherine Marshall Memorial

Katherine Marshall Memorial

The Quanah High School Class of 1976 and 1977 are honored to present the Katherine Marshall Memorial Scholarship. Johnnie Katherine Marshall was born November 3, 1912, and passed away in 2007, at the age of 94. Miss Marshall retired as a QHS English and Journalism...

Lysle Huddleston

Ken and Lysle Huddleston

Lysle and Ken Huddleston want to help students at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX. Specifically this fund will offer scholarships to Caribbean students (with Trinidad students getting extra attention).

Menard ISD

Lee and Danette Murchison

Willowbend Investment employees originated this scholarship in honor of their employer, Lee Murchison. Lee then named the scholarship fund in honor of his grandmother, Muzzie McDaniel. This scholarship is for the graduating seniors from Menard, Texas High School...

Louise Mayo Wages

Leslie Mayo Schaffner and David Mayo

The Louise Mayo Wages Memorial Scholarship was established by Leslie Mayo Schaffner and David Mayo in memory of their mother, a long time educator at Petrolia High School. Before her retirement in 1994, Ms. Wages was the business teacher at PHS for 31 years. Her...

MLK Center

MLK Center of Wichita Falls

The Martin Luther King Scholarship fund was originally set up at the MLK Center of Wichita Falls, independent of the City of Wichita Falls. In 2001 the scholarship fund was moved to the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation as an Endowment and Scholarship fund. ...

Nelda Bivins

Mrs. Nelda Bivins

Doyle and Nelda Bivins have lived in various locations throughout the United States and have always been great supporters of the community they have lived in. They have a passion for helping young adults accomplish their educational goals in order to achieve their...

Mrs. Pat Thacker

Mrs. Pat Morgan Thacker

Mrs. Pat Morgan Thacker initiated the Bridge Builder fund to assist students who were aging out of the foster care system. Mrs. Thacker would like to help these students realize there are people in the world that believe in them and want to help them realize their...

Paul Clark

Paul and Libby Clark

Paul and Libby Clark established this scholarship in memory of their beloved parents, A.P. and Christine Clark. There are two scholarship opportunities available through the A.P. and Christine Clark Memorial Scholarship fund. The first is to support the Wichita...

Ron and Kathleen Duncan.jpg

Ron and Kathleen Duncan

This scholarship was initiated by Ron and Kathleen Duncan, the parents of Andrew Raymond Duncan, in late 2013 after Andrew’s untimely death. Andrew was a favorite in the performing arts scene in Wichita Falls and West Texas, e.g. Backdoor Theatre, Wichita Theatre,...

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson established the “Dominic Watson – Be A Hero” scholarship in December 2018, in memory of her son. Dominic was a bright young man, with a joyful sense of humor, who knew what it meant to “Be A Hero” in today’s world. In Dominic’s words: “You don’t need...

Shirley Crane

Shirley Crane and family

Shirley Crane, Trenda St. Claire, and 1st Christian Church of Burkburnett have collaborated on this memorial scholarship fund for John Crane, Shirley’s husband and Trenda’s father.