Mattye and Ollie Sisk Memorial Scholarship

  • Alvord ISD students, Alvord, Texas
  • College or university in the USA
  • Any field of study
  • Top third of class
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Interview process and essay requirement included in application process. See Alvord ISD High School Counselor for further details.
  • One-time scholarship

Family of Mattye and Ollie Sisk
Student Type
High School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Interview requirement:
    Must interview 3 people who knew Mattye Sutherland Sisk Pennington or Ollie K. Sisk. Two of the 3 may be a married couple. See list below of people who knew them and have agreed to an interview, specifying whether they prefer an email interview, phone interview, or a face-to-face interview.
    The following four questions should be asked of each person interviewed.
    1. What qualities would Mr. and Mrs. Sisk want in the person(s) receiving their memorial scholarship?
    2. What questions would they have asked me?
    3. What advice would they give me about going to college?
    4. Mrs. Sisk was a teacher later in life. Would she encourage me to major in education to become a teacher also?
    Interviewees for Mattye and Ollie Sisk Memorial Scholarship:
    1. Kerry Clower -, in person interview.
    2. Donna Clower Endres - 940.393.1992, phone interview.
    3. Glenda Clower Goodwin -, any type of interview.
    4. Carolyn and Max Holloway - 940.427.9421, in person or phone interview.
    5. Gail and Bruce Northcutt -, any type of interview.
    6. Pam Smith Northcutt -, email interview.
    7. Barbara Robinson -, any type of interview.
    Essay Requirement: After the interviews as noted above are completed, write a 250 word essay that includes the following:
    1. What you learned about Mattye or Ollie from the persons you interviewed.
    2. The names of those you interviewed and how they knew them.
    3. The questions you asked and their answers.