Dominic Watson Be A Hero Today Scholarship

  • Graduating High School Seniors from all high schools in Wichita And Archer County
  • Any public or private college/university/vocational/or trade school in the United States
  • Any field of study
  • Full-time student
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Submit Essay “Be a Hero Today”
  • One-time award (non-renewable)

Sarah Watson
Applicant Type
High School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Dominic Watson submitted the following school paper:
    "What it means to Be A Hero".
    A hero is someone that gives their life something bigger than themselves. Some heroes are policemen, firefighters, and soldiers. Heroes can be people you see in your everyday life.
    Heroes don't have to have super powers or stop somebody from destroying the planet. Anybody can be a hero with the right qualities. For example, a hero has courage, bravery, and something worth fighting for. An ARMY man doesn't have to stop a supervillain to be a hero. Soldiers sacrifice their life for their country. Police officers sacrifice their life for their city. They make sure that criminals go to prison and make sure they stay in prison. Firefighters risk their life for their city too. A firefighter goes into the fire to save people who are trapped and put out the fire.
    In conclusion, you don't need to save the world from destruction or have super powers to be a hero. You just need courage, honor, and something worth fighting for. A hero will sacrifice himself for the greater good.
    - Dominic Watson, 7th Grade.

    Please submit a 500 word essay which includes:
    1) What it means to be a hero.
    2) How can you be a hero today?